Alexandrya Eaton

Summer Exhibition 2015

  • Summer 2015
  • Studio 21
  • Halifax, NS

The focus of my current work, the “Busy Woman” series, began as an exploration into self-identity, yet evolved over time into a playful social commentary on the idea of a modern everyday superwoman.

Alexandrya Eaton

  • Parade
  • Painting
  • 76 cm × 76 cm

The paintings are not portraits. The stenciled images become a vocabulary, presenting possibilities of characters, building a metaphor of a realistic situation. This way of working, slowly building up layers of colour, is a very female way of working, not unlike other traditionally women’s ways of making things, such as crocheting, knitting, quilting and rug hooking.

It’s about adding incrementally and in a positive way. Denying feminist twists, the work ultimately presents a positive, fresh and hopeful outlook of our surrounding world.