Alexandrya Eaton

Hot Pop Soup

  • Apr 26 - Jun 10, 2012
  • Beaverbrook Art Gallery
  • Fredericton, NB

"Neo-Pop Trends in Contemporary New Brunswick Art"

Terry Graff — curator

Self Portrait
  • Self Portrait
  • Painting
  • 76 cm × 102 cm

“Alexandrya Eaton plays off the legacy of Warhol through the repetition of a particular motif. The recurring silhouette image of an anonymous female icon in her 'Busy Woman' series is created through the technique of stencilling, a process used by contemporary graffiti artists, such as the prolific British street artist Banksy. In 1991, when I was one of her studio advisors employed by the Fine Arts Department at Mount Allison University in Sackville, Eaton was painting gigantic, brightly coloured images of flowers that recalled Warhol’s vibrant decorative flower paintings of the 1960’s. Retaining the plastic, brilliant colour and reduction of form of her early work, the 'Busy Woman' series is focused on magnifying and illuminating 'a contemporary woman’s attempt to come to terms with typical female roles, and her constant renegotiation of relationships and other elements in her surroundings'.

By merging positive celebration of riotous Pop Art colour with an assertion of women’s identity through multiplication of the female figure, Eaton’s art counters popular culture’s often misogynistic portrayal of women and connects with the current topical reinterpretation of 1960’s Pop Art as a movement that was not exclusively restricted to male protagonists. Futhermore, in the way she slowly develops her paintings, that is, by building layer upon layer, she identifies more closely with certain forms of women’s cultural production, such as knitting and quilting, than with the 'his-tory' of painting.”

~ Terry Graff, curator, ‘Hot Pop Soup’